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CONTINUATION!! [Jan. 20th, 2006|11:40 pm]
The Green Day Knitting Community


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Alright then. I know I didn't get alot of comments on the last part, but hey, I don't care. The people who did comment. Here's more about Tré and Arianna. AND I am sorry there isn't alot. Been SUPER busy this week, what with plays beginning, and senior meetings, and my world civ class and my data and measurement class. Hate them. They're bitches. BUT-to the story.


            Holy Shit. That was THE sex god. Tré Cool. Standing right in front of her. Within reaching distance. God how she wanted to rape him. She stood there standing in awe. Shaking herself back to life, she quickly realized that she mustn’t throw herself at him. If she wanted a future with him, she MUST NOT go there. Keep a straight head, and play it cool.

            “Well Bruce, you go make sure this Tim Flannery is ok, and I’ll take care of…actually, I didn’t catch your name,” Tré asked in his own way.

            “If you’re wanting it, you’ll have to ask for it. Telling me you didn’t catch it isn’t going to solve anything now is it?” She did have a mouth on her, he concluded.

            He chuckled and curling his finger at her, bidding her to come. “Follow me.”



            They spent the next four hours together. Just talking. She had found out more than she could have dreamed of and he, he couldn’t get enough of her. She was like air. He had to get more and more of her, or he felt as if he would explode. They talked about everything. When he found out she was a teacher, and a history one at that, he was actually mystified. How could someone as enchanting as her be a teacher? He took her to his hotel room, and they ate and just talked. For once, his mind was nowhere near the gutters.


            She was relaxed with him. It had actually been a long time since she had felt so relaxed with a guy. She honestly didn’t think she would be like this if she had met him, but this night was turning out to be full of surprises. She also had figured she would have raped him by now also. But, her mind was far away from the bedroom.

            He took her home in a rental car. She had expected a limo. But, she figured it was to take away from attention.

            “So, Arianna. Tonight was great,” he started as he opened her car door to walk her to her front door.

            “No. No matter how hott you are, you cannot come in. Not today.”

            “No! You discovered my plan! Next time though, I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too,” he said this with a witch voice. She laughed. He seen her shiver, and he put his arms around her shoulders.

            “And next time, what will you be getting?” she asked as they reached the front door.

            “Whatever I want.”

            “Seems a bit cocky, don’t you think? Besides, I always get my way, so whatever I want is probably what will happen.”

            “Now doesn’t that seem a bit cocky?” he asked with a chuckle. They turned towards each other, their heads close together, preparing for a kiss.







SO?! COMMENTS PLEASE! I just wrote that part, and well, I am extremely exhausted. I'll probably nit-pick it tomorrow, and I'll TRY to get more in then also. THANKS GUYS!


[User Picture]From: theravensclaw
2006-01-21 05:57 am (UTC)
Great work!
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[User Picture]From: trecool_is_love
2006-01-21 01:59 pm (UTC)
Thank you!
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[User Picture]From: moshing_nekked
2006-01-22 04:14 pm (UTC)
i'll stick with my "more! more!" comment ^_^
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