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non-related to Superglue is Fun, but Im quite proud of it.… - Knit a Washcloth to Absorb the Drool Caused by Green Day [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Feb. 3rd, 2006|08:39 pm]
The Green Day Knitting Community


[feeling |randy]
[blasting |Green Day- Welcome to Paradise]

non-related to Superglue is Fun, but Im quite proud of it.

Title: Noro
Rating: a hard R. THEHEHE

Pairing: Tre/Mike/ implied Billie

Disclaimer: they are not mine...in real life. In the longview zone, I own all.

"Tre!! Im horny!"

"NO MIKE! Im working on a lace pattern, what if I loose my place?!"

"Fuck man! Billies out  buying more lube or something. Im so horny!"

"Do you want Stella to have this sweater by her birthday or not?"

"She can wait a few days...Treeeeeee.....Im so randy!






"Can you felt this for me if I give you instructions? You know, in the washing machine? Just throw it in with a couple of Billie's girl pants.

"**grumble mumble** Fine, Tre, Im going to go get some water."

5 minutes pass, Mike returns (da, da, DAAAAAA!)

"Treeeeee?" said Mike, crawling up Tre's body.

"yeah, what? *furrow brow*"

"Ill buy you a skein of Noro if you suck my cock..."


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